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Frequently Asked Questions       

Q-Will I keep the Rights to my Music?

A- Absolutely, all rights to the music you upload will stay with the composer or copyright holder.   musicbox takes ZERO  proceeds from the purchases and does not and will not claim any rights to the uploaded music.

Q- How does the musicbox4musicians app work?

A- When you upload your music to musicbox it is stored on a secure server.  When a fan “purchases” your song to add to their playlist, they are in effect purchasing a license to listen to your song. They will not physically purchase a digital file of the song. Your music file never leaves the server. The purchase fee is then credited directly to your Stripe account.

Q- What Kind of Audio Files Can I Upload?

A- musicbox4musicians accepts finished, finalized Mastered MP3 files. We recommend Mastering your music files for the best listening experience for your fans. If your Mastered files are not MP3, you can convert them online free at this link.

For best conversion quality we recommend using the 320kbps bit rate conversion. If the length of your music file is more than 5 minutes, consider using 192kbps or 128kpbs bit rate for conversion. Maximum file size accepted is 37MB.

Learn More about Bit Rates in MP3's here:

Q- What is Mastering?

A- Mastering is one of the most important steps in the production process, as it ensures that your music will sound its best on different streaming platforms, media formats and devices. We recommend that you Master your music files, so that the relative loudness of your music will be comparable to other music your fans will listen to. You can have you music professionally mastered, or do it yourself. For more information on mastering, visit these helpful links:

Q – How do I get paid for my Music?

A-  When a music fan using the musicbox4fans app “purchases” a song from your musicshop, the payment is processed by Stripe, which accepts all popular major forms of payment.  That payment is then credited to your active Stripe account where you can access the funds.

Q – How can my existing fans purchase my music?

A- musicbox provides a QR code with your image  that you can display at your gigs, website, social pages or direct email to your fans.  Your custom QR code directs your fans to the musicbox4fans app where your fans can visit your musicshop and purchase your songs to add to their playlist on the app!

Q – Do music Fans have to pay for the musicbox4fans app?

A- No, musicbox4fans app is a free app for Music Fans. 

Q – What is the musicbox4fans app?

A- musicbox4fans is a free app that allows music fans from all over the world to discover new music from new artists of all genres. Music fans can purchase songs and add them to their custom playlist on the app.  100% of the purchase fee goes to the artist whose songs were purchased.  Music fans can also connect with other music fans from around the world and follow and connect with their favorite new artists.

Q – Do I need to Copyright my Music?

A- Copyrights are automatically granted to you at the time you create your work. You generally don't have to file anything anywhere, or publish anything online to own the copyright of your music. However , it is a good idea to file for Copyright.

Here’s Why:

It gets a bit difficult if you ever need to prove that you own a copyright. When or if a dispute arises over the ownership of your copyright, it can be important to have official documentation filed with the appropriate government agency to support your claim of ownership. Many people register their copyright with official organizations because it can help prevent or quickly resolve legal issues in the future.

 When ownership problems arise over content uploaded to our App and an infringement report is sent to us, we are required by law to remove the disputed content unless the parties can resolve their dispute among themselves. We cannot legally determine who is right or wrong in a dispute over ownership of a copyright.

Find out how to file a copyright in your Country. Visit this link: 

Q – What is musicbox Social?

A- musicbox Social is part of the musicbox4musicians and musicbox4fans App. musicbox Social allows music fans from all over the globe to connect with other music fans, connect with their favorite new artists and talk about favorite new music they have discovered and share photos and videos. Because the musicbox app is available in many different countries, musicbox Social is an excellent way for subscribing artists to expand and grow their fanbase globally.

Q – What is musicshop?

A- musicshop is a major part of the musicbox4musicians app.  musicshop is where music artists can list their songs/music for sale to music fans from all over the world. Artists can upload songs, images or logos, input Song Title, Artist name, Genre and set a selling price for the song.  With a few simple clicks your songs are in your own custom musicshop available for music lovers across the globe to listen to snippets of your music, read your Bio, and purchase your music to add to their custom playlist on the app.

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