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musicbox is the ultimate app for musicians. 

Welcome to 


musicbox is an app designed specifically for musicians of ALL genres of music from around the globe.

The App allows each Artist/Musician to sell their music directly to Music Fans and keep 100% of the Profits.

The musicbox App generates a QR code with your custom image or logo that you  can display at your gigs, Social pages, Websites or Email directly to your fans.

The musicbox Fan App is also a social-site where music fans from many different countries will be able to connect and talk about new artists they discover.

So its an amazing opportunity to expand your fanbase to people who you would normally not be able to reach and where fans from all around the globe can discover your music.

The App will supply a QR code you can display at gigs or any event where your fans can scan, download the FAN app, and go directly to your musicshop to purchase music.

Fans can also discover new music from around the world, as well as yours.


Getting Paid

When you signup on the App - you'll be prompted to connect a Stripe account. If you don't have a Stripe Account, you can create one easily on the app within a few minutes! This is How you get Paid for your music! 


Its that Simple

musicbox also makes it simple to collect 100% of the proceeds from your music.

Coming soon: you'll be able to create your own online merchandise store 

Payments from all of the above go directly to your own Stripe account.

The more Musicians and Artists that sign up, the more each Musicians fanbase is expanded.

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  • YouTube musicbox4musicians
  • TikTok  musicbox4musicians

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